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Advantage Emergency Medical Training - CPR St Louis

We provide ACLS, PALS, CEU's, CPR, EMT-B and Paramedic training to local organizations and individuals in the states of Missouri and Illinois.  We are based in the St. Louis area.

Our target clients are organizations such as hospitals, fire departments, ambulance districts, doctor's offices, dentist offices, nursing services, schools, extended care facilities, day care facilities, etc.  

At Advantage EMT we pride ourselves in bringing training to you at your convenience.
We specialize in catering to your educational needs and meeting them in a timely manner. 

We also have a convenient classroom able to accommodate small to large groups of individuals.
We have extensive experience in the emergency medical field and use that to teach in a realistic manner. 
We adhere to American Heart Association standards, and we are a Certified Training Entity for the    State of Missouri.

We also believe that all businesses should have training in CPR, AED use, and fire extinguisher use.

First aid training should be included in organizations where an injury is more likely, such as manufacturing and construction.

We provide disaster preparedness for business.  A common sense approach to keep your business running or get back up and running fast after small and large disasters from electric outages to fires.

We will train you at your location or ours, at your convenience


Are you Prepared?

Classes Starting Now!

Some examples include:

  • Neighborhood association meeting activity
  • Condo association meeting activity
  • Parent/teacher meeting program